The quarantine was canceled at the entrance to Greece.
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31 October 2022

The quarantine was canceled at the entrance to Greece.

This applies to all EU citizens who have passed the PRP test and have a certificate of negative result in their hands. Plus, confirmation of the full course of vaccination is required.

But this, although it gave tourists more freedom (before that, they had to spend a week in self-isolation), it did not affect the quota in any way. And until May 3, it is equal to 4,000 passengers per week. But the number of airports through which tourists can enter the country has increased significantly - up to 9 (before that, only 3 airports were working to receive visitors).

The airports of Athens, Heraklion (in Crete) and Thessaloniki have worked before. But now you can get into the country through Rhodes, Kos, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Chania (which is also located in Crete). In order to enter the country and not comply with the 7-day quarantine (self-isolation), citizens of the Russian Federation must have a PRP test made no later than 72 hours before passing through the Greek customs. The confirmation itself must be written in English, as well as the certificate of full vaccination.

There is still a need to fill out the PLF electronically. It is also necessary to be mentally prepared that in Greece the authorities can ask any entrant to do an additional test at any time. But the test results will need to wait at the hotel (it is forbidden to leave).

It is known that these measures have been introduced since April 26 and will be valid until 6 am on May 3, 2021. After the measures are going to be reviewed.

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