The best areas for yachting around the Greek islands
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19 May 2023

The best areas for yachting around the Greek islands

Greece has an ancient history, is blessed with sun and sea, and is generous and welcoming to its guests. The azure sea, golden beaches, white houses, the aroma of strong coffee and pine plants — the unique atmosphere of Greece disposes to a leisurely, relaxing, and wonderful yachting holiday. The shores of Greece are washed by four seas: the Mediterranean, the Ionian, the Aegean, and the Libyan. Greece includes about 6,000 islands, which account for almost 20% of the country, and only 200 are inhabited. Each Greek island has its unique personality and rich history, from mythical to ancient times. Here you can see traces left by the influence of the Venetian Republic, the Ottoman Empire, Britain, France, and Italy. A unique mystery island has numerous underwater grottoes, caves, and secluded coves with golden sand hidden among the bizarre rocks. In order not to be confused by the extraordinary diversity that the waters of ancient Hellas offer, we have compiled a guide to the best places for yachting in the Greek islands.

Yachting trip to the Saronic Islands of Greece from Athens

Overview: A 7-day yachting itinerary from Athens to the Saronic Islands of Greece.
Distance: 125 nautical miles
Moorings: Athens—Aegina—Hydra—Spetses—Poros—Patroklos—Athens

The Saronic Gulf is the largest bay of the Aegean Sea. The entrance to the bay extends from Cape Sounion in the east to Cape Schileon in the southwest. It is located east of the Isthmus of Corinth, between Attica and Peloponnese. The yacht journey through the authentic islands of the Saronic Gulf begins in legendary Athens, the center of the ancient Greek civilization that was famous for its power during the bygone era. Named after the goddess of wisdom, Athena, the city was the birthplace of philosophy, literature, architecture, theater, and democracy. The Parthenon, the temple of the goddess Athens, is the most famous monument of ancient architecture, which at different times was a pagan temple, an Orthodox church, and a mosque. It is located in the upper city of the Acropolis, the "Sacred Hill" around which the city of Athens was created. The Acropolis is visible everywhere in the city so that the way can be easily found even without the help of maps and GPS. Read more

Yacht trip to the Greek islands of Cyclades from Laurium

Overview: 7-day itinerary for a yacht trip from Laurium to the Cyclades islands.
Distance: 252 nautical miles
Moorings: Laurium—Kythnos—Milos—Santorini—Folegandros—Serifos—Kea—Laurium

The great seafarers, aka artisans and traders of the ancient world, created a civilization that takes its name from the islands in the south Aegean Sea. Located between mainland Greece and Crete, the Cyclades archipelago is the heart of the Aegean Sea. The "Cycladic civilization," thought to date back to the 3rd millennium BC, remains one of the great mysteries of human history, despite much research and discovery. The Cyclades, with its two hundred relatively small and quite small islands, of which a little more than twenty are inhabited, are the most fertile archipelago for those who like to travel from island to island. Two islands among the Cyclades are of volcanic origin - Santorini and Milos, and the rest are continental; they are the tops of the mountains submerged in the rising of the world's oceans. Each of the islands in the Cyclades archipelago is a microcosm, and each of these tiny universes lives in its way: everywhere has its traditions, customs, and development methods. With all the uniqueness of each island, of course, the islands are not devoid of similarities between themselves - most of the archipelago is arid and rocky, and almost everywhere, you can see sparkling white houses in Cycladic "cubist" style. The Cyclades are a veritable kingdom of the treacherous northwest wind called "Meltemi," which rages on the islands in July and August. Read more

Yacht trip to the Ionian Islands of Greece from Lefkada

Overview: 7-day yachting itinerary for the Ionian Islands of Greece from Lefkada
Distance: 152 nautical miles
Moorings: Lefkada—Ithaca—Zakynthos—Cephalonia—Atokos—Lefkada

Lefkada is an island in the Ionian archipelago with abundant vegetation in the eastern and southern regions, endless golden beaches along the west coast coastline, and spectacular scenery. It is the only one of the Ionian islands to which there is an access road from the west coast of Greece. The fourth largest in the group of Ionian islands, Lefkada, is associated with the frightening and enchanting white cliffs that stretch along the island's western side and give it its name. "Lefkada" means "white" in Greek. The coast is gentle on the eastern, leeward side, and the sea is dotted with small islands tucked into the green. The most famous of these is Skorpios, owned by the descendants of Aristotle Onassis. In ancient times, Lefkada was a peninsula until the 7th century BC, when the Corinthian settlers dug a canal separating Lefkada from the mainland. In the 20th century, it was reconnected to the mainland by building a pontoon floating car bridge. The island has been known since Homeric times. For centuries, it has passed from the Venetians to the French, from the Turks to the Russians, and then to the British, which has left its mark on the lifestyle and architectural appearance of the island. 

Yacht trip to the Ionian Islands of Greece from Corfu

Overview: 7-day itinerary for sailing through the Ionian Islands of Greece from Corfu
Distance: 135 nautical miles
Moorings: Corfu—Syvota—Paxos—Lefkada—Preveza—Parga—Corfu

The island of Corfu is the northernmost and second most prominent among the Ionian islands, extending 65 km parallel to the mainland coast. Corfu resembles the crescent shape it was compared to in antiquity: its concave side, with the city and port of Corfu in the center, faces the Albanian coast. Two seas bound Corfu, the Ionian Sea on Greece's south and southeast sides and the Adriatic Sea on the north and northwest, closer to Albania. The water temperature and sea state can vary significantly on the east and west coasts. The open sea washes the west coast of Corfu, so the water and air temperature depends on whether the current is cold or warm. And the water temperature can change every day. The east coast faces a strait, where the water is warm in summer and not so dependent on currents.
The west coast can be stormy, while the east coast will be quiet and calm. Corfu, founded even earlier than Syracuse, was of excellent trading importance, and the right to conquer the island almost stood in a queue of many nations, generals, and tyrants from ancient times until the 20th century. Corfu tried to seize the army of Alexander the Great, but the wars of the Ottoman Empire also did not pass over the island; for almost 400 years, Corfu belonged to Venice. The conquerors brought a whole mound of interesting nuances to the culture and life of the island - from the mixture of languages with lots of borrowed Italian and Venetian words to the monumental and sophisticated architecture. 

Yachting trip to the Greek Dodecanese islands from the island of Kos

Overview: 7-day yachting itinerary for the Greek islands of the Dodecanese in the isle of Kos
Distance: 150 nautical miles
Moorings: Kos—Tilos—Halki—Rodos—Simi—Nisyros—Kos

Kos Island is the third largest island in the Dodecanese Archipelago, at the entrance to the Gulf of Genova of the Asia Minor Peninsula. Just 4 miles from the island lies the coast of Turkey, the Bodrum resort area. It is called the "Garden of the Aegean" for its lush greenery and lush parks. It is believed that the name of the island comes from the word "crab," the image of which was minted on the coins that first appeared in circulation on the island. Kos has an ancient and fascinating history. Like a tidbit, it has fascinated mighty conquerors and has changed hands many times. Already in the 9th century BC, with its first settlers, it was conquered by an aggressive Greek tribe of Dorians. Throughout history, the island at different times belonged to the Macedonians, the Romans, and the Crusaders. The Ottoman rule of Kos lasted for four centuries, the Italians replaced them, and 1948 Kos was reunited with Greece. Because the island is located in a seismically unstable zone, several times in the history of Kos, there have been strong earthquakes, causing massive destruction and significant loss of life. The last major earthquake was recorded in 1933. 

Yacht trip to the Greek islands of Sporades from Skiathos Island

Overview: 7-day yachting itinerary for the Greek islands of Sporades from Skiathos Island
Distance: 143 nautical miles
Moorings: Skiathos—Skopelos—Psaropoli—Achileo—Volos—Vatoudi—Katigiorgis—Skiathos

The Northern Sporades are the most picturesque islands in the Aegean Sea. Lush forests and ancient trees were reflected in the crystal clear water of the beaches, openwork harbors and bays sheltered from the winds, a riot of colors, and a mild warm climate. All the archipelago islands are covered with dense vegetation - pine forests, olive and plum groves, vineyards, and thickets of maquis, which makes them quite different from the other Greek islands. The Northern Sporades are mentioned even in the ancient myths and epics of Homer. So, according to legend, Skopelos was founded by the son of the god of winemaking, Dionysus. And on the island of Skyros lay one of the most fearless heroes of Greek myths, Achilles. It's also where Theseus, famous for his exploits, including the Minotaur and the battle with the Centaur, met his death. Interestingly, on some islands of Northern Sporades, there are villages where the inhabitants still wear traditional clothes, and all residential buildings remind of the traditions of Cycladic culture, which was spread on the Mediterranean coast in the 3-2 thousand BC. 

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